Those that beleive in our aims are vital to help produce our goals.

To accomplish our goal, we will need the support of willing volunteers that can provide a wealth of skills and resources.

Generating Genius relies on support from amazing individuals as well as organisations that wish to further our mission. The volunteering document below has more information about the required forms of support.

During my time at Generating Genius I have been challenged on many occasions, in the form of work experiences and meeting expectations, which helped me to gain confidence and a better sense of direction in life. The team at GG have always pushed me, and the other students to be a better version of ourselves and without GG I cant say I would have grown into the person I am today.

Liam Rodney

Being a member of the Generating Genius family has enabled me to access so many amazing opportunities that some people will never have and I can’t believe how much I’ve developed since I joined.

Emily Emiru - Uni Genius Student

Coming from a state school, being with smart people from similar backgrounds inspires me to know that I'm not alone on my journey in STEM. Generating Genius have introduced me to people to show us what opportunities are available to you and how you can get there.

Ayo - Uni Genius Student

The summer work experiences at Google and Shell gave me great insight. Through Generating Genius, I developed what I consider my strongest soft skills to date.

Simeon Balson - Alumni & Software Engineer

After having 2 Uni Genius students come in for one week of work experience, they could easily work for us today, even though they are only in Year 12.

Alicia - GG Partner
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If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch by emailing We would be very happy to come to your school to tell your students and their parents more about our programme.