On the last day of February half term, the Year 10s were able to visit Queen Mary’s Tech Department.

The morning was spend learning the basics of coding, using ‘Raw Data’, a language that writes code with the help of building blocks. This is a particularly useful language when wanting to code with sound and movement. After coding some simple workflows that created sound, we were introduced to ‘Bela’, a mini computer that was connected up to the programme.

Having learnt to code in ‘Raw Data’ and programming Bela, the students were now faced with a design challenge: “Imagine you were a Physiotherapist and you had a patient that hurt their elbow. How would you be able to make sure that the patient is doing the prescribed amount of exercises and is motivated to do so? You have a piece of ‘wearable tech’ fabric that you can use to programme. Use this to develop something that makes the physiotherapists work easier.

The students were given 2 hours to design and programme their fabrics. They came up with innovative solutions:
The winning group came up with a arm sling that when you moved your arm in the right way, the sling would count the amount of times you moved your arm correctly and play a song when you had achieved the prescribed number of exercises.