Wednesday 23rd November saw an evening of inspiration, excitement, and new beginnings. 
The UG19 launch event was kindly hosted by Barclays who have worked closely with Generating Genius for over 10 years now, and have continuously proved how dedicated they are in helping the Generating Genius students to succeed in life by hosting skill-building workshops, offering work experience and for some even offering internships in their areas of interest. Interviewing Arnaud Heckenroth, the Barclays representative at the launch event, he explained to us that the reason why Barclays is so invested in the partnership with Generating Genius is because “[they] work with a group of talented students, they are from London or around London, and they’re talented, they’re driven, you see the potential and you work with them throughout a bit less than two years and you see the journey, you see the results, you see that they start making their decisions, they start making choices in their future life and you can really make a contribution to that.”

The speeches and keynote speakers heard as the evening went on proved how much Generating Genius is able to help their students to succeed and progress both academically and personally. The origins of the program (which can also be found in our blog post: ‘Our Story’) were told by founder and CEO Tony Sewell and the impact the program has had was further supported by the words of Leanna Dixon and Naomi Walters who are both Alumni and have been with Generating Genius from the start, inspiring all in attendance to make the most of this opportunity they have been given.

By Hailey Chitrin