It’s 2020!! The New Year has just began and with that in mind I thought it only fitting to share the theme of my New Year’s resolutions: Well-being. And how you too could try and tailor the choices you make in the New Year ahead to bring about a happier and healthier person.

Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. It relates to how you feel as an individual in both personal and social settings. 

But well-being as a concept is hard to measure especially in ourselves. For me, and many others too, taking a step back to look at yourself is difficult. It requires a moment of peace, a moment to think and consider: am I well?

But unless something major has happened, you’ll probably reply with “Yes.” Because you genuinely think you are. But did you stop and consider your physical health? Your mental health? Your social life? What about your workload? Your family? Your relationships? 

Asking if you are well is more than just considering if there is a smile on your face at that current moment in time. It’s about evaluating if you truly feel healthy, happy and secure. Not just now, but throughout the day, the week and the year.  

So the key aspects to consider are physical, social, economic and mental/self. 

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Are you exercising regularly? Eating a healthy balanced diet? Getting enough sleep? Managing stress? These are the main things to ask. Not only if you’re doing them now, but can you also continue doing them. Or can you start to make small, simple lifestyle changes that will ensure that you develop a routine that keeps you healthy and physically fit?

Image result for social wellbeing iconSocial:

Are your relationships balanced? Do you have a close network of friends? Do you have hobbies and activities that you can do to unwind? Consider these and think as to whether you are happy on a social level? Do you need to meet some new people, find a new hobby or try something new?

Related imageEconomic:

Now I do understand that money most likely isn’t your biggest concern. But think about your relationship with money. Do you have enough of it? Do you know when to spend and when to save? Are you prepared to juggle work with education? And how much of the money you spend is worth spending?



Image result for brain icon blueDo you feel mentally secure? Do you have a positive sense of self-worth and view in life? Are you of who you can talk to? And do you have goals? The main thing about being mentally well is knowing that you won’t be all the time. But you have to know when you’re just not feeling any better. When you just can’t get out of that slump. And in that case, remember that you have people around that you can talk to. And don’t forget that there is no shame in seeking advice.


The main thing to keep in mind is that well-being is vital. And finding ways to keep well is key. And be that through the point I’ve mentioned above or finding your own. It doesn’t matter so long as you take the time to check back in on yourself now and then and ask: Am I well?