On Wednesday 23rd October, we UG18 went on a fascinating trip to Salesforce Tower. We had the opportunity to learn about the role the company has in Customer Relationship Management and how Salesforce Services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers and partners.

The event included a variety of mini sessions, each lead by a different member of the team. These included a presentation on the company and its ethos, to a session on personal branding. Which all the students found extremely beneficial towards their future career aspirations.

 Each presentation began with a Salesforce volunteer who kindly shared their background. And I was inspired by how they managed to reach their current position despite the dilemmas they went through. We were given interactive sessions on how to write concise yet effective emails, as well as a session on how to use LinkedIn as a platform to develop a strong digital footprint, and thus our personal brand.    

Throughout the day the key message was centred around the strong emphasis on the importance of making connections. The session on LinkedIn proved this. It allowed us to learn about the difference this platform can make to our careers. For example, to find and apply for jobs, research companies and industries and build a strong professional network. The principle ‘actions speak louder than words’ was immediately put into play as each student was given the opportunity to connect with Salesforce employees which helped to expand our network. This was especially helpful as we could now access support or advice from the team via the messaging

by Waseem Ali