The Programme

Uni Genius is aimed at A-Level students from African and Caribbean backgrounds and gives our geniuses the skills you need to thrive in the world of STEM.

Starting in Year 12, students will embark on a 2 year journey with us, where they will be exposed to a huge range of career and University courses within STEM, along with 50 ambitious peers. Through our plethora of activities with leading companies and universities, we prepare our students to become the STEM leaders they are more than capable of being. These unique experiences not only help you grow professionally and personally but also gives a multitude of insights to boost your personal statement or CV, allowing you to shine amongst the rest.

Programme features

Along the way you’ll get to develop your passion for science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics. After the programme, you’ll have unique experiences to talk about on your personal statement or your CV to help you stand out from the rest. Your passion for science, technology, engineering and maths will grow, your technical skills will be sharpened and your and your career path will become more defined through our support

  • Scholarships
  • Work Experience with top STEM companies
  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops and Challenge days that simulate real world problems
  • University application preparation and guidance
  • Career Insight Events
  • Mentoring and Networking
  • Academic Support
  • Speaking events

Being a member of the Generating Genius family has enabled me to access so many amazing opportunities and I can’t believe how much I’ve developed since I joined.

Emily Emiru - Uni Genius Student

During my time at Generating Genius I have been challenged on many occasions, in the form of work experiences and meeting expectations, which helped me to gain confidence and a better sense of direction in life. The team at GG have always pushed us to be better version of ourselves and without GG I cant say I would have grown into the person I am today.

Liam Rodney
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How Do I Apply?

Applicants must:
  • Be of Black African or Caribbean descent or from our archaic Junior Genius Programme
  • Be currently in Year 12 at the time of application
  • Have studied at a non-selective state secondary school
  • Currently attend a non-fee paying sixth form or college
  • Have a minimum of 5 grades at 9-6 at GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Sciences or Computer Science/ICT or have at least 37 points in IB MYP
  • Currently be studying at least two Science Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) subjects at A level, including Economics, or studying IB DP

If you have any questions about your application contact us!

Application process
  • 20th August -Applications open
  • 19th October -Deadline for Applications
  • 26th - 30th October -Group Interviews
  • 6th November -All students informed of selection
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