In 2018 Generating Genius set up its scholarship fund. The Generating Genius Scholarship Fund provides financial support to university students from low-income households. Our scholarships have enabled students from low-income households to achieve their full academic potential and be active participants in university life. This is due to the financial freedom the scholarship provides.

Our Scholars

Read about what some of our most recent scholars have to say about the impact the scholarship has, and will have, on their university achievement.

   Dalton said: “Receiving the scholarship is a very commendable and prestigious award. Without the bursary my university experience would have been so much harder. I would have needed a part time job meaning that I could not focus on my studies as much. I’m in university about six hours a day already.”


Dalton Bally, UCL Medicine Student, Project H.A.L.O Scholar

   I want to give a prodigious thank you to The Black Heart Foundation and Generating Genius for this extraordinary, life-impacting scholarship! I am beyond grateful for this blessing. Since the age of 16, I have had to work in retail to support my educational needs, which included everything from funding essential educational trips, to purchasing textbooks and train tickets for my medical school interviews. Working part-time alongside my A level studies was difficult and studying Medicine at Nottingham University is proving to be the most significant academic and social challenge yet, especially during a pandemic.
   I understand what a privilege it is to be able to study this profession and how hard I have worked to be in my position. Therefore, with the financial stability that this scholarship provides, I can dedicate 100% of my time towards my degree, and so, giving me the time to focus on becoming the best doctor I can be. Being able to effectively balance my studies alongside my university’s social, volunteering and mentoring opportunities allows me to make the most of my time here, as well as engage in roles that help to support prospective STEM students to achieve their goals. Once again, thank you so much for this support. I strive to repay your generosity and thus contribute to helping future generations of underprivileged students. 


Waseem Ali, Nottingham University Medicine, Blackheart Scholar